Increase laptop battery life using AMD Catalyst Driver on Ubuntu 14.04

I had installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my AMD A8 laptop. Initially I got only 2 Hr battery backup. After some research, I come to know that AMD Catalyst driver can increase battery life and keep laptop cool. I downloaded latest beta driver from AMD site. Fortunately Ubuntu 14.04 have all prerequisite require for this driver.

I had unzipped the driver zip file and run file available in fglrx-13.35.1005 sub-directory of directory catalyst. I followed all the steps mentioned on AMD site. Now I am getting around 4 hr battery backup on same laptop.


Ubuntu 14.04 and Ralink rt3290

Many linux users have faced issue with Ralink rt3290 wifi chip. WiFi was not working for Ubuntu 13.10 and Linux Mint 16. Users are also facing frequent disconnection issue with Ubuntu 13.04.

Good news is that Ralink rt3290 is working fine with Ubuntu 14.04. User need to do the fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.04.