Increase laptop battery life using AMD Catalyst Driver on Ubuntu 14.04

I had installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my AMD A8 laptop. Initially I got only 2 Hr battery backup. After some research, I come to know that AMD Catalyst driver can increase battery life and keep laptop cool. I downloaded latest beta driver from AMD site. Fortunately Ubuntu 14.04 have all prerequisite require for this driver.

I had unzipped the driver zip file and run file available in fglrx-13.35.1005 sub-directory of directory catalyst. I followed all the steps mentioned on AMD site. Now I am getting around 4 hr battery backup on same laptop.


Ubuntu 14.04 and Ralink rt3290

Many linux users have faced issue with Ralink rt3290 wifi chip. WiFi was not working for Ubuntu 13.10 and Linux Mint 16. Users are also facing frequent disconnection issue with Ubuntu 13.04.

Good news is that Ralink rt3290 is working fine with Ubuntu 14.04. User need to do the fresh installation of Ubuntu 14.04.

Transfer Contacts from Nokia to IPhone

Recently I have moved from Nokia 5233 to IPhone 4. Biggest challange for me to transfer contacts from Nokia to IPhone. I have googled it but most of the solutions suggest to use Outlook, first sync between Nokia and Outlook then sync between Outlook and IPhone. Some suggested to use some third party software to do this.

I do not want to use Outlook to sync my contacts just because I don’t have it and same time I need to install Nokia PC suite to transfer contacts. After googled for 2 days I come across one solution where  authors has demonstrated the way to transfer contacts as vcard. This solution does not require Nokia PC suite. So based on this I find very simple solution to transfer contacts from Nokia to IPhone. This solution require Windows  Visa or Windows 7. I have never tried it on windows xp and windows 8.

Here is the process

  1. In your Nokia Phone go to contacts and select options : Contacts > Options > Mark/unmark > Mark all
  2.  Perform : Options > Copy > To mass memory. This action copy all your contacts as .vcf file into E:\Others\Contacts
  3. Connect your nokia phone to your windows 7 PC. At the time of connection select option Mass Storage Device. This action allow you to access your phone as pen drive. Open mounted drive(in my case it is E: drive). Go to folder E:\Others\Contact. Copy all contacts.
  4. Open windows menu and inside “search programs and files” text box enter contacts. Windows shows contacts in menu. Click on this contacts menu item. This action opens contacts folder in windows explorer. Here paste your contacts.
  5. Connect the iPhone to your computer using the included USB cable and select it in iTunes under Devices on the left-hand side
  6. Select Info tab from right panel.
  7.  Inside info tab select Sync contacts with Windows Contacts and press Apply button. Wait for few minutes. Now you can access all your nokia contacts in iphone!!!

Configure BSNL 3G data card with linux (OpenSuse / Ubuntu)

Most of the users has faced the problem to configure BSNL 3G data card (linktop -lw232) with any linux distro. Officially data card support Ubuntu 9.10 and higher versions. It come up with set up of program call as Join Air. But I was not able to configure my Ubuntu laptop using this setup. Even not with Linux Mint & OpenSuse. After searching for days on google, I came across one program call sakis3g. This script make my life easier and now I can access internet on my OpenSuse laptop using BSNL 3g. Not only OpenSuse this work for Ubuntu also. I have tested the same program on Ubuntu 9.10.

Here is the method which you can use to connect BSNL 3G.


Please download following files from internet:

  1. sakis3g – Url :
  2. Usb-modswitch
    1. If you are OpenSuse 11.3 user then you can download from here :
    2. If you are Ubuntu user then you can download from here :

  4. Usb-modswitch-data
    1. If you are OpenSuse 11.3 user then you can download from here :

    3. If you are Ubuntu user then you can download from here :


After getting above packages, install them in following order:

  1. Usb-modswitch
  2. Usb-modswitch-data

Sakis3g come in a compress file so first extract it in your home directory. This zip file have one executable file sakis3g, just copy that file to your home directory.

In case of OpenSuse 11.3 open “Terminal Super User Mode” .

In case of Ubuntu open Terminal and enter following command


Both these method ask for password. So enter your password here. In case you have given different password for super user then enter that password.

Now go to your home directory by entering command cd /home/vk. Here vk is my username.

Now enter following command


You may get following screen.

Select option Connect with 3G and press Ok button. You may get following screen where you have to select USB device and press Ok button.

Here select HSPA WCDMA Technologies MSM and press Ok button.

Here it shows APN. Select bsnlnet as APN and press Ok button.

Here it ask for username and password. You can enter any value in this fields. I have given “1” as username. Once you press Ok button, it ask for password, again give “1” and press Ok button.

If it succeed to established connection then it will show following screen.

Now if you don’t want to go to the Terminal each time then this tool provide you the facility to create desktop shortcut. Just select the option and it will do the rest of the thing for you. Next time whenever you click on shortcut, it will ask for your linux user password.

Enjoy BSNL 3G on your favorite linux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Why to use Linux?

Answer of this question is not that much simple. In depend on your usage. Most of the people around the globe use the computer for two major task. (1) Office automation like word processing, spreadsheet etc. (2) Internet surfing. If you are using the computer only for above mentioned task then linux can be a best choice for you.

Another class of users who are using third party software for their business automation has to be very careful before adopting linux. If your vendors are providing windows based solution then you have very limited option to adopt linux.

In country like India, China cost of Microsoft Windows is around half of computer hardware cost. So people in this countries started to use pirated software. Majority of peoples in this countries even do not understand that to use pirated software is a crime :(. When this peoples purchased the PC they demand for Microsoft Windows without ready to pay single penny for it :). Most of this people use their computer for office automation & Internet surfing. Most of the cases this peoples are not aware about existence of non-Microsoft operating system & what they can do with non-Microsoft operating system. Root cause of this problem is their first computer have pirated windows operating system!

Now we talk about developed countries like US,UK where people can afford windows operating system. Most of the people who have used windows operating systems have faced many unwanted problems. Major problem with windows operating system is viruses. Out of 100, 99 viruses are made for Windows operating system :(. So if you want to use windows operating system, you must have good antivirus program. Otherwise ready to loose your important data any time.

Either you belong to developed country or developing country, you have to think about better alternative of windows operating system. Linux can be a solution for you. (Even people in developed country can go for Mac but developing country can afford it because of its high price.) Linux come from Unix family so it inherit security for its predecessor.

I have started to use linux from 2000. At that time linux was not a viable solution for desktop computing. In 2010 scenario is totally different. Now we have good stable linux distro like Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora. This distro are so much polished. You can do activity like Internet surfing, word processing with disto as easy as you do it using windows. Even most of the cases to use linux is more easier then windows :). Now a day windows become huge operating system which is resources hungry & still slower than linux. On the other hand new linux become faster and faster.

Now we take a look of what linux offer to you in free.



Office automation

Microsoft Office

Open Office


Internet Explorer



Windows Media Player

Rhythmbox Music Player


Windows Media Player

Movie Player

Mail Client

Outlook Express


Download Manager

Download Accelerator


CD/DVD writing



Text Editor



Image processing



So most of the basic computing need is provided by linux. Apart from that it also provide support of all kind of networks. It provide built-in support for simple LAN, dial-up connection and Wifi. It also support VPN & blue-tooth.

Most of us are eager to install something extra on our computer. Don’t worry linux also allow you to install something new using Synaptic Package Manager. Here you can select any program that you want to install. Synaptic automatically download related files from Internet and install it. So simple!

New distro of linux like Ubuntu support all latest hardwares. This distro also provide auto update features which make your linux up to date.

If you are getting this much without paying a single peny, then why to afraid to linux. Try any of linux distro (My favorite is Ubuntu). If you still have fear that linux may not support your latest hardware then also you have one way to check it “Live Cd”. Live Cd allow you to run the linux without installing it on your computer. My personal advise is to first go for Live Cd. Once you feel that linux can serve your purpose, you can install it using Live Cd.